ATHARYA STUDIO is an up and coming interior design firm based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Founded in 2014 by Jeffy Tan, ATHARYA STUDIO focuses in custom high-end residential/ workplace and retail. Our services range from strategic planning, conceptualization, space analysis/ programming, design development, putting together complex construction documents, site progress supervisions, specifications of soft furnishings / furniture / fixtures / equipment, art & accessories and furniture selection.

At ATHARYA STUDIO, we aim to bridge the demands for beautiful aesthetic, functional sensibility, sustainability and environmental awareness, while adhering to client’s allocated budget. We have been working with diverse clients; large and small, private and public, for-profit and non-profit. We also take great importance in maintaining great, respectful, long-lasting relationships with our design partners, vendors, builders. After all, a collaborative approach and process with clients, fellow consultants, vendors, craftsmen / artisans, builders, allow us to explore ideas and to have a clear understanding of design solutions.

Current work in development and construction include high-end residential/ office, apartment, retail projects in Jakarta and our past work have included projects in the US and China as well.

Jeffy Tan is the Principal of ATHARYA STUDIO, a boutique interior + architecture design firm with a portfolio encompassing over 5 years in luxury residential projects across metropolitan cities of Indonesia. Ms. Tan has adopted a unique approach of colliding culture and history, marrying beauty and function, transforming ordinary space into stunning sanctuaries.

Educated at the University of Southern California, Ms. Tan was awarded multiple scholarships for her academic disciplinary. Ms. Tan also apprenticed under the famed architect, Mr. Thomas Elliott of PT. PAI in Jakarta prior to launching ATHARYA STUDIO.

Ms. Tan’s strong business acumen has received accolades from her peers and clients for devising creative solutions while preserving operational efficiencies. Leading a team of junior designers, architects, general contractors, craftsmen, artisans, under the brand ATHARYA, Ms. Tan continues to leave her impressive design footprints in Indonesia.